Luxury Limited Edition

Onyrico means “world of dreams”: scent take us to daydreams, suddenly transported without limits of space and time. We express the pleasure of beauty and refined, which is manifested in the attention to detail and endless nuances. Time is really the true luxury, the most important ingredient of Onyrico.

The Luxury Limited Edition is a Real Gold Dream that comes true. We extracted the best from our dreams, the most precious ingredients. We have counted them: 35% of pure ingredients for a gorgeous Extrait de Parfum.

A Milan expert goldsmith handmade all the caps of this exclusive line. Small pure silver sculptures covered with gold tell us the story of each fragrance. Onyrico tell us his precious history in three ways: with the perfume, the marble and the gold.

Onyrico Luxury Limited Edition. Extrait 35%. Limited, for a few, for ever.



The dagger and shield are the tools that Rome has used to conquer the world. The symbol of strength and courage of Roman legionaries.

The bottle cap is made of travertine marble. What today we can still admire in the Coliseum.


Tau is the special Cross of St. Francis, the Saint of Universal Love and Unity of all beings, Tao is the symbol of Wholeness, nothing is separated from anyone, All is One. Different symbols for the same universal meaning.

Verde Alpi marble is used for the cap, it has the same color of the woods St. Francis loved.

Rossa Bohème

The gold coin represents the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan, the most prestigious place of the world for an Opera like the Bohème

The bottle cap is in Travertine red. The color who’s the star of this perfume.


On the wings of a feather the great poet Dante Alighieri wrote the immortal Divine Comedy…

The bottle is closed by a cap made in Pink Onyx. Its natural streaks reminiscent of the clouds of the sky at sunset.


The Butterfly is the Spring, perfect choice for the great painting of Botticelli.

The Pink Egyptian marble, used for the cap of the bottle, in shades recalls the predominant color of this happy season.


The fig leaf remembers the smells of the homeland of Michelangelo, rich in scented Fig trees.

Pearly white, pure par excellence, the fine marble statuary used for the cap of the bottle comes from the quarries of Tuscany. It is the same as the Master used for his sculptures.


The Vitruvian Man is, along with the Mona Lisa, the most famous work of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The marble that seals the bottle is the Perlato of Sicily. Choosen for the dominant color of the ribs reminiscent the color of the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci.


What is a journey without a map? Who better than Marco Polo represents the journey? This map in gold makes us dream about his very long travel.

The bottle cap is in precious Portoro marble. The deep black color and golden veins reminiscent of the sumptuous imperial courts of the Emperor of China.