Emilia Armida Chinigò, an Italian graphic designer, has never been one to blindly follow rules and conventions. Even as a child, she used to dream of running away to lead her own free life.

And the day came for her desire to come true! She left home and her job to live on a sailboat in the South of France, finally tasting the long-awaited freedom.

She sailed four years in close contact with nature and the power of the sea, knowing very special people and enjoying her freedom, but she felt the desire to push her horizons even wider.

She decided to return to Italy to work as graphic designer but taking 4 months every year to travel around world. So she spent the next 10 years travelling and discovering traditions, colors, flavors and aromas of distant and unfamiliar lands: Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, India, Nepal and Thailand.

Then one day, the time finally comes to carry wealth of her travel experience safely back home. Freedom has been achieved and she no longer needs to wander to find what now lives within her.

The return to Italy has an unexpected effect: Emilia now sees his country with new eyes and is hit by a kind of Stendhal Syndrome. For centuries Italy has been home of some the greatest genius in the world, and this sensation is very exciting to her.

She starts to discover the magic world of raw materials and niche fragrances which, year after year, she will know more and better.

Emilia, that had been a professional graphic designer and fragrance consultant since years, start to think about her line of Artistic Perfumes, a sincere tribute to the great Italian artists…

But where to begin?


PierGiorgio Biella Biella is a successful entrepreneur of Italian origin.

Years ago he has been naturalized as a Swiss national – the country that he loves deeply because it has been free and independent for over a thousand years. Freedom and independence: two values that he has always expressed in his life – and now more than ever.

His experiences as an entrepreneur goes from food production to commercial distribution, from gold and precious stones to art object.

The meeting with Emilia arrives at the exact moment when Giorgio is looking for a new and different kind of business to devote his attention.

She talks to him about her dream and he discovers an unknown world: the artistic perfumery. Giorgio has worked with Art, he knows and understands it, but thinking of perfumes as an art form is something completely new – and he is completely captivated. From now on he helps Emilia to make only the best.

And so Emilia’s dream has come true!

For the first time in Giorgio’s career, there is no market to be conquered or existing customers to please. There are only the fragrances’ ingredients and their packaging, which he and Emilia carefully research and create, seeking and getting only the best, as Giorgio has always done.

He is aware that quality is achieved only through love and passion for what you do. Giorgio combines the Milan pragmatism and the Swiss concreteness to indicate the clear direction of the brand: beauty is obtained only with the best.

Emilia e Giorgio

Onyrico is made of the same stuff as the dreams of Emilia Armida Chinigò and PierGiorgio Biella. The stories of Emilia and Giorgio are made of freedom and independence – she is creative, with a suitcase full of bright dreams and he is a successful entrepreneur looking for a new passion.

She is the heart and he is the wings of this dream.

From their meeting borns Onyrico – the first brand of Niche and Co., a free and independent House that gives substance to the dreams of those who have the courage and talent to dare, just like the Italian geniuses reverently celebrated by Onyrico.

Onyrico is an unconventional perfume business, born as an expression of freedom and independence.

It couldn’t be otherwise.

Onyrico is made without creative or material limits, as a large white canvas on which these dreams come true.

Onyrico is the story of a dream, a fairy tale that has become reality, it’s the dream of the Italian geniuses’ dreams, who have left indelible marks in the history of Man.


Co-ideator of concept

Stefania Vacca

Stefania is a restless soul.

After high-school she moved to London to continue studying what she loves. She starts to travel, carefully avoiding the tourist areas to catch what people and cultures could give her. South and Central America are the most frequent destinations.

At the same time, she began her musical career as bass player with Pet, an electro pop rock band from Berlin, that let her performs all over Europe.

She gets a diploma in Fabric Print Design at Saint Martin’s University in London, beginning to cultivate more seriously her passion for fashion. Back in Milan she creates the first line of woman wear, but the world of niche fragrances takes over.

Stefania and Emilia meet in Milan, and it is friendship at first sight.

They have many things in common and a similar philosophy of life: they speak much and think more.

Onyrico’s concept born in this way, from the relationship between two friends who have met and it is how if they had known each other since a lifetime.