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Onyrico means “world of dream”, that we wish to manifest with our perfumes, a daydream without limits of space and time.
We explored this beautiful world through the history of some great characters, chosen from the many Italians who have created masterpiece of extraordinary talent and beauty.


Art can exist on Earth just through man’s works: and perfume is art.
Onyrico is a perfumed tribute to the Italian genius which has given beauty to the world over centuries.
The first edition of perfumes is born from the desire to affirm the joyful pride of being Italian; and because we believe in the Italian talent, we wanted our fragrances were interpreted only by great Italian perfumers.
Onyrico is a fitting tribute to Italy, to his emotions Timeless.


How can we talk about perfumes? The perfume has to be lived, only he can talk about himself. Onyrico is a Perfume with the highest concentration of essence, at 23%, completely thought and realized in Italy.

In Summary

Onyrico is the story of a dream and a fairytale. Onyrico is the manifestation and the physical expression of the true dream of Emilia Chinigò and PierGiorgio Biella. While Emilia represents the heart and soul, PierGiorgio represents the wings of this collaborative real life dream. And You represent the reason this dream exists. This dream is a tribute dedicated to the greatest Italian geniuses, artists and traveller as well as ancient Roman civilization, that have left indelible marks and still influence Western Man’s: Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Marco Polo and more.

Onyrico Line

Onyrico is a perfume born as an expression of freedom, independence and individualism. It couldn’t be otherwise.

Onyrico was created on a large white canvas and realized without any creative and material constraints. These fragrances reflect our soul and are an expression of our dreams.

Eight fragrances that describe the great dream of beauty based the history of Italy reflected through the marble’s caps and precious perfumed ingredients.

The Creators of Onyrico

Onyrico’s fragrances are the first result of Niche and Co (by Emilia and Piergiorgio), the free and independent maison which gives substance to the dreams of those who have the courage and talent to dare, like the dreams and stories of Italian geniuses to whom Onyrico pays homage and admiration.



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